Identifying a Real Rudraksha

September 2, 2013

Identifying a real Rudraksha is a very difficult task and except few costly methods all other methods generally gives an indication of reality of rudrakshas and can not be considered 100% sure method of identifying a real rudraksha. Rudraksha beads are seeds of Rudraksha tree.  Rudraksha beads are considered sacred, holy and divine in Hinduism […]

What is Rudraksha

September 2, 2013

Rudraksha is a holy & divine bead, said to be borne out of tears of Lord Shiva.  Rudraksha beads are very sacred and considered to have divine powers. Rudraksha, also called Rudraksh is a large evergreen broad-leaved tree. Rudraksha beads are seeds and are traditionally used for prayer beads in Hinduism.  Rudraksha is a sanskrit compound consisting of the name […]